2nd project

Now armed with different yarns from Value Village, I found another video that showed a double knit stitch on the Martha Stewart loom.

I decided to make a scarf for my son, he wanted a long scarf, but not Dr Who long scarf, in baby blue. I followed along the Martha Stewart loom video doing a double knit. I loved the look but didn’t have enough yarn for a double knit so I undid it all and started a single knit scarf that ended up being 5 feet long. The ends have white yarn in a knit/purl stitch  stripe fashion for contrast. He liked well enough. It isn’t perfect. And I wasn’t trying to make it perfect, I did undue it once and then decided that being such a new beginner, if  I started with the idea that perfection or nothing, then I’d be doing nothing.

There is no pic, I forgot to take one. But it is nice for my very first scarf, and I even blocked it so that it laid flat.

And the best part – no needles!


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Knitting on the loom.
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