Fifth project

Once I started to really like loom knitting, I started to search the web, high and low, for loom knitting ideas. The idea of thumbs (let alone fingers) was stressing me out, until I found  a Youtube video on loom knitting mittens on one loom. I was fascinated by the idea of an all in one mitten.

These particular videos are for a child’s mitten but can be made for any size hand. I haven’t mastered the art of sizing yet, but I followed along and made a pair of mittens.

part 1:  

part 2:

part 3:

part 4:



The mitten at the back was the first one I made and it turned out the best. The cuff is long and the thumb looks great. The mitten at the front, didn’t fair as well. Even though I counted rows, the cuff is shorter and the thumb doesn’t look  so nice. Although,  overall the stitching is better and tighter than on the first one, where I did mess up a couple of stitches so there are gaps.  

This yarn is some of that yarn I got from Value Village and it is meant to practice and improve. I am keeping these as is so that I can see my mistakes, learn from them and see my progress – eventually.



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2 Responses to Fifth project

  1. sandorfalot says:

    Nice job! Great first pair of mitts!

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