Fourth project

Now that I had a little experience under my belt,  and I had 6 skeins of this lovely cerise coloured acrylic/wool blend yarn that I got from Value Village (it originally came from Zeller’s (no longer exists) , it had cost $1.69 back whenever it was bought), I decided that I wanted to tackle double knitting.

So, I watched the Martha Stewart how-to video on double knitting on the MS loom and loved it!

Casting on double knitting:

Knitting the double knit

Casting off double knitting:

I found this easy enough and loved the final look – and it is warm.



Before I finished the ends, I did notice that there were some errors. An entire row of stitches seems to be extra large, I think my tension was looser, and  the edges are wobbly. I noticed that while double knitting, one side tends to be tighter naturally and one side is looser. Not sure why that is and from some of the comments under double  knitting videos, that seems to be a common theme. Perhaps washing the piece would allow all the stitches to fall into place. But I really love it.

The final piece was 48 inches long.


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