My first project

Once I opened the loom kit, I searched for an easy project to tackle.

I came across a knitted hat for a baby on Youtube and I followed it and it was easy enough (I ended up making three).


Once the hat was done, my confidence grew and I started to feel that if I could follow basic techniques, I could eventually master something a bit difficult.

I was on my way!

I was so turned on to loom knitting and I only had one ball of yarn (from last year when I tried to teach myself crochet), that I wanted to practice and practice (I find it quite relaxing to loom knit and it takes my mind off some stuff happening). So, I went to Value Village and bought as much as yarn as I could and ended up with some very nice (expensive) yarns, some cotton yarns, some baby soft yarns and acrylic/blends. I decided that before I invested in actual wool yarn I had better practice.

So I knitted a scarf for my son next.


About loomyforknitting

Knitting on the loom.
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2 Responses to My first project

  1. sandorfalot says:

    Nice first project! Looks warm! I love loom knitting. Check out, I learned a LOT from patterns there. I ❤ Value Village for inexpensive yarn. And you can get such unique stuff!

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