project number 6 – scarf with i cord closure

I decided to combine two video tutorials to make one scarf.

The first one I used was the Martha Stewart ribbed double knit videos and then (my goal was to) finish it with an i-cord and button.

Here is what I ended up with.


I had two skeins of a green with a yellow twist yarn that I got from Value Village. It’s 100% acrylic, made in France and the brand is féria.

When I went to cast off, I made a mistake and ended up messing up the stitches and couldn’t get them back on the pegs correctly, so I will redo the scarf and then finish it with the i-cord and button.

Here are the videos I used.

casting on for double knitting

rib stitch for double knitting

casting off for double knitting

If you like to follow by reading along a pattern, here is the kink to the original neck warmer with an i-cord and button closure article. This article is for the closure only and not the nifty stitch.

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