number 7 done

Finally I finished the Lacy Infinity scarf WIP I was working on.


Worn loose


And wrapped twice around the neck.

The tutorial I followed is from Goodknitkisses (youtube= Lacy Infinity scarf),  showing three sections, but I repeated the pattern 5 times. I used 1 1/3 skeins of yarn (approximately).  And I found this pattern to be quite easy.

Basically, the pattern is like this;

using a bulky yarn
cast on 88 pegs (I used the crochet cast-on, same as tutorial)
**e-wrap and knit 88 pegs
purl 88 pegs
(working on one peg at a time) knit one then yarn over three times and knit the next peg and repeat on all 88 pegs
unwind the wrap over and purl each peg
repeat from **

repeat as many tines as you want it to be wide. I love uneven groupings, but I found three would be too skinny, so I went with five.


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