number 8 done: purple cowl

I am finally done the cowl project. I didn’t do the inspiration cowl from the picture in the earlier  post, so I restarted and used a similar stitch to the infinity scarf  . Except I wrapped the peg only once and ended up creating what looks like a honeycomb pattern, although I’m sure it already exists and has a name.

This is the finished project;


I knitted for 12 inches, then I folded it like the brim of a hat, knitted once more around with a knit stitch and then did a crochet bind off.

Here is the stitch close up;


And me wearing it;


you can see the stitch much better, and the pretty colour too.

So, I used the Martha Stewart loom kit set-up using 2 half circles, 4 -12 peg sections and 2-6 peg sections with pegs on every third hole (more or less) and I randomly used large and small pegs, a total of 40 pegs. I did a crochet cast on (you could do the one you like best since it will be folded over).
*Knit a row, and then purl a row.
(I work to the right, so the following is working counter clockwise)
Now for the fun part;
Lay the yarn over the first peg and do a flat knit over on the that peg, wrap around the same peg (clockwise back to front of the peg) and then lay the working yarn over the front of the peg on the right and knit over. Wrap the peg you just knitted the yarn on, like the last peg, and lay the yarn over the next peg and knit over, continue all the way around.

To start the next round, wrap the last peg as above and remove the wrapped yarn on the first peg, knit over that peg. Go all the way around and unwrap then knit the pegs.
Then purl all the way around.

Repeat from * until you have the width you want. Knit it loosely as when the time comes to place the cast on stitches to the pegs (when you fold it over) in order to knit over before the cast off, they might get really tight and pop off some pegs (don’t ask me how I know)

Then do the cast off of your choice, weave in ends.

You can adjust the stitches and width by pulling on the cowl, this will loosen them slightly and adjust the holes somewhat.


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