What’s on the loom

For the life of me, the pattern from Goodknitkisses on youtube for making a a triangle/ear flap was so confusing that I gave up. I watched that video several times, took notes and ended up with a mess every time.  It was just so confusing. I started to hate loom knitting.

Well not really. But I did end up hating that video.

Found another, easier to follow video and this is what’s on my loom currently!



I am loving the way the colours are mingling together. This is a ball I got from Value Village. It is Loops & Threads from Michaels’ glamorous line of yarn, it is 15% mohair, 62% acrylic, 16% polyamide, 7% glitter yarn, super bulky and the colour is  blue bonnett. 

I am knitting it on the Martha Stewart long round loom.  It’s just a simple back and forth knitting with an increase stitch at each end. This could work with a knit/purl alternate row, or a seed stitch, or any type of stitch you want.

This is the inspiration video/tutorial:


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Knitting on the loom.
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