Cable knit bracelet a la loom

I saw a knitted cable bracelet the other day and I thought – “self, how could you replicate that on a loom without actually knitting cables?” since I haven’t progressed that far yet.

So I thought, why not knit three i-cords and braid them together and stitch the ends to close them into a bracelet.
So, this is what I did; I knitted two rows of 6 pegs, then I knit two pegs at a time for three i-cords, I then braided them and then put then back on the loom and knitted one row, and then stitched  the two ends closed.

Here is my loomy knitted braided cable bracelet.



I used a pink cotton yarn. Once the three i-cords were knitted, I placed them on safety pins to braid them. Then the stitching to close up.

Easy peasy.

Next, actual cable knitting in the loom. Eventually.


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Knitting on the loom.
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2 Responses to Cable knit bracelet a la loom

  1. sandorfalot says:

    So cute, I’m gonna steal that idea. 😀

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