WIP: purple nubby woven scarf

I seem to have a purple theme going on these last few projects. Just a coincidence.

You know how on youtube you can start looking at kittens playing with yarn and then hours later you are looking at how to gut fish with a single human hair? Well…

Ok, so no fish gutting, but – how about weaving with drinking straws? Yes. Weaving a pretty scarf using regular old drinking straws.  I landed on a video that shows how to weave using a peg loom and then one using sticks, and then one video showed how to use straws.  I have drinking straws!

My scarf will be 5 feet long, but I measured out 6 feet of thread for error and fringe.

I took some embroidery threads in three shades of purple, measured them out to be 72 inches long and knotted one end about an inch from the ends. I placed the knotted threads into the straw and sucked them in to the other side. I used tape to secure the knotted threads at one of of the straw, and I did this with 6 straws. Then I took 2 straws and knotted loosely at the end to keep then from tangling too much and to catch the weave if it gets down that far.


Gather the straws like a fan and place a slip knot on the first of the straws, then weave the yarn in an S shape back and forth through the straws, catch the tail at the start of the weave to weave it in.

Push down the woven yarn periodically.

he yarn really is purple.

Weave – weave –  weave…

And then start sliding the weave off the straws onto the threads. 

Here’s the video I used for inspiration.

And here is the finished scarf.


It was a fast weave project. It was interesting using straws, but I like the finished product.


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