What’s on the loom: purple ruffle scarf

Last year, when I tried to learn crochet, I bought a ball of that ruffle yarn in purple shades. I followed along with a youtube video (not sure which any more – I think TheCrochetCrowd) and managed to make a very limp, scraggly, ugly ruffle scarf. I only wore it once as I was so embarrassed by it, and it ended up in the bottom of my bin.

I came across a youtube video today (several in fact by PurlingSprite) of loom knitting these ruffle type yarns on a loom.   So I unravelled the  scraggly ruffle scarf and have started a new one.


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Can’t fix it

So, I grafted on two triangles on the scarf like I mentioned in my previous post  but it still didn’t work. So, I finally undid it all and I will restart.

Since I couldn’t find the last stitch on the cast off edge, I undid the whole scarf starting from the point, that was interesting to say the least.

This yarn has a glitter thread and now I have silver glitter bits all over me and my chair, so handling it as little as possible is ideal or the thread gets stripped.

Just goes to show you that knowing which cast off to use for what piece helps a lot and saves having to undo hours of work.  Not to mention being  a headache.

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Fixing what’s wrong

Me and my newbieness definitely used the wrong cast off to finish my triangle scarf 😦

But, it’s ok – mistakes are part of learning and it will still be a beautiful scarf when I’m done with it. I’ve decided to graft on 2 smaller triangles on the ends that will create the sloping that I had imagined. I hope this works.

How I’ll do it is choose a place on the finished edge and put those stitches back on the loom. I’ll work them back and forth and decrease a stitch from the middle to the end tip every other row.

Here’s a sketch of my idea.


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Not quite done

I finished knitting 3 skeins of that gorgeous Glamorous blue bonnet yarn but it doesn’t drape nicely around the neck, it fits tightly.

I did a single crochet cast off and the finished edge isn’t as stretchy as I wanted it to be (at least in my head), it actually causes the edge to curve upwards slightly…  But the way the colours come together is beautiful. It reminds me of lichen actually.

Here’s what I have so far;



It is still a work in progress.

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Michael’s yarn haul

I went to Michael’s hoping that I might find the Glamorous yarn in blue bonnet so I could finish my triangular scarf and I walked out with quite the haul!

First, they had the yarn I was looking for on sale for $0.99 a skein, so I grabbed 5 – one to finish my scarf and 4 for other knitting. I also grabbed 4 skeins of Bernat Truffle in Irish green ($0.99 each) and they had one little skein of the Glamorous yarn in rose red (also $0.99), so I’ll have to go to another store tomorrow and see if they have more because I want to knit more with this gorgeous red part mohair and part acrylic and glitter yarn.

Here’s what I got.


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What’s on the loom

For the life of me, the pattern from Goodknitkisses on youtube for making a a triangle/ear flap was so confusing that I gave up. I watched that video several times, took notes and ended up with a mess every time.  It was just so confusing. I started to hate loom knitting.

Well not really. But I did end up hating that video.

Found another, easier to follow video and this is what’s on my loom currently!



I am loving the way the colours are mingling together. This is a ball I got from Value Village. It is Loops & Threads from Michaels’ glamorous line of yarn, it is 15% mohair, 62% acrylic, 16% polyamide, 7% glitter yarn, super bulky and the colour is  blue bonnett. 

I am knitting it on the Martha Stewart long round loom.  It’s just a simple back and forth knitting with an increase stitch at each end. This could work with a knit/purl alternate row, or a seed stitch, or any type of stitch you want.

This is the inspiration video/tutorial:

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My next project – but!?

I have a 50 g ball of this really interesting yarn I got at Value Village at Christmas time and I didn’t know what to do with it, until now.

I got this link in one of the many emails I get about knitting and as soon as I saw it, I know the yarn I would use.

Here is the inspiration pattern, but it’s for needle knitting and I loom knit. I don’t know how to translate patterns yet, or k2tog or PSSO 😦

But I love the scarf.

knit scarf

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